Global Clinical Engineering Day

Dear Colleagues,

The Global CE Day (GCED) celebration is upon us and we wanted to share the message of clinical engineering importance with the world.

On October 21st at 8:30am Chengdu, China time, the celebration will start with presentations by international faculty, that includes WHO Adriana Velasquez, IFMBE President, CED chairman. The event will be broadcast live on streaming video enhanced by augmented reality.

Everyone with internet access will be able to watch the event live by visiting the Global CE Day website and click on the link for the event.

In addition, over 30 countries will hold local events to highlight the contributions that CEs are making every day towards better patient care outcomes.

This celebration is to recognize the important role of the Clinical Engineer in the healthcare team, to promote awareness of this role, and to give thanks for fulfilling the role so well.

Hope you’ll be able to join the celebration.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of world’s patients

Yadin David

Global CE Day chairman

We created a Twitter account for IFMBE CED CED #GlobalCEDay and launched the hashtag, #GlobalCEDay be used as a back-channel for the Global CE Day on Oct 21.