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Keynote Speaker

Photo credit: Brigette Lacombe

Molly S Shoichet, PhD, O.C., O. Ont. - Biography

  • University Professor and Canada Research Chair, Tissue Engineering
  • Senior Advisor to President on Science & Engineering Engagement
  • Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
  • Donnelly Centre
  • University of Toronto
"Delivering the Promise of Regenerative Medicine"

Two key challenges in regenerative medicine are survival and integration of exogenous transplanted cells or endogenous stimulated cells. To address these issues, we have designed bioengineered materials that both promote cell survival and enhance the environment in which the cells are transplanted. Using pro-survival factors incorporated into the design of injectable hydrogels and innovative biomolecule delivery strategies, we have had some success in animal models of blindness, stroke and spinal cord injury.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Carl-Éric Aubin, Ph.D., ScD (h.c.), P.Eng. - Biography

  • Full Professor, Dept Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal
  • Chief Executive and Scientific Officer – Montreal TransMedTech Institute
  • Scientist & Head, Musculoskeletal Health, Rehabilitation and Medical Technologies Axis- Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center
  • Assistant Director – Rehabilitation Technopole & Applied innovation, Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Center
  • Tier 1 - Canada Research Chair in Orthopedic Engineering
  • NSERC-Medtronic Industrial Research Chair in Spine Biomechanics
"From Scoliosis Treatment Simulators to the Montreal TransMedTech Institute" 
  • TransMedTech Institute: an open interdisciplinary innovation ecosystem for the development of next generation medical technologies
  • Medtech development: driven by users and the dynamics of needs, up to the innovative product implemented in the health system
  • Technologies that change the treatment trajectory of children with complex spine deformities

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tiago Falk, Ph.D., SMIEEE - Biography

  • Associate Professor, INRS-EMT
  • Director, MuSAE Lab

"Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, and Wearables: Building Blocks for Healthcare Technologies of the Future"

Advances in biosensor technologies have enabled the development of new low-cost wearable devices, which are now being explored for remote health monitoring applications. Advances in artificial intelligence, in turn, have resulted in algorithms capable of assisting clinicians improve diagnostic accuracy. Exploration of these elements in combination with advanced signal processing tools to develop healthcare technologies of the future for applications such as gait analysis of the elderly to predict/prevent falls, Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics using videogames, and remote stress monitoring of nurses in hospitals will be showcased.