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Booths will be sold on a first come first serve basis. All booths are approximately 8ft x 10ft and sold as singles. If you would like a double booth please be sure to indicate your preference.

Copy of Exhibit Hall Layout

Listing of CMBEC42 Exhibitors

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AcertaraBooth #18
Amico CorporationBooth #28
Bracco Imaging CanadaBooth #27                                                                                                    
McArthur Medical Sales Inc.Booth #44
Northern Optotronics Inc.Booth #46
SciCan Ltd.Booth #37
Shop3D.caBooth #43
Spacelabs Healthcare CanadaBooth #17

Bracco Imaging Canada - Booth #27

BRACCO IMAGING Canada is dedicated to the production of barium products, distribution of contrast media and delivery systems in CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Cardiovascular. With its head office located in Montreal, “BIC” employs approximately 200 highly qualified Canadians with its main focus on providing healthcare professionals with excellent quality products and service.

McArthur Medical Sales Inc. - Booth #44

SciCan Ltd. - Booth #37

SciCan is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of medical devices based in Toronto, ON. Since 1957, SciCan has been innovating and designing its full spectrum infection control solutions for the medical and dental markets. SciCan Infection Control experts bring with them solutions resulting from years of experience in medical device reprocessing and sterilization. From endoscope reprocessing and plasma sterilization to air decontamination, our advanced medical devices are designed to meet the highest standards of infection control and patient safety. - Booth #43 is a Canadian based 3D printer resale and supply boutique in Brampton.Our goal is to help Canadians acquire some of the best international brands of 3D printers, filament, and parts without the hassle of cross-border shipping. We pair these high-end products, tested by our staff, with top quality customer service, support, education, and outreach. Helping our customers get the right products for their business.'s dedicated showroom offers a storefront location where you can drop in to handle samples, see the printers in action and ask questions. Soon, will be opening a flagship showroom in Vancouver to better serve customers across Canada.