Professional Affairs Committee

Chair: Adeel Alam

Membership Committee

Chair: Khalil Khalili

Publications Committee

Chair: Rebecca Austman

Awards Committee

Chair: Ted MacLaggan

Long Term Conference Planning Committee

Chair: Akshay Puli

Academic Affairs Committee

Chair: Arash Mohammadi

Bilingual Affairs

Chair: Marie-Ange Janvier

Outreach Program

Chair: Bill Gentles

Website & IT

Chair: Kelly Kobe



 Adeel Alam (Lead)

Peer Review (as of 2022)

  • Mike Capuano (Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation) - Chair***
  • Michael Dixon (Mackenzie Health, North York)
  • Murat Firat (University Health Network, Toronto)**
  • Bill Gentles (BT Medical Technology Consulting, Toronto)**
  • Fernando Lebron (London Health Sciences Centre, Retired)***
  • Gord McNamee (Brandon Regional Health Authority)**
  • Mario Ramirez (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto)***
  • David Gretzinger (University Health Network)**
  • Kelly Kobe (Alberta Health Services)**


  • Surveyed*
  • Surveyor**
  • Surveyed/Surveyor***

Standards of Practice Review

Bill Gentles (Lead)

Industry Liaison

Tony Orsi (Lead)


Andrew Ibey (Lead)

Position Papers

  • Adeel Alam