CMBEC40 Twitter Contest!

Be one of the first 500 people to Follow @CMBESociety on Twitter to stay up to date on Society and Conference news AND be entered in a draw to win free registration to CMBEC40!

It's free! It's EASY! Follow @CMBESociety today!

In addition to the grand prize draw, we will also run other contests through the Twitter account to increase awareness, participation, and grow our following.

How to enter:

  1. Join Twitter. Sign up to create an account at
  2. Follow @CMBESociety.
  3. Continue to follow @CMBESociety until it gets 500 followers. You will be entered in a draw for free registration to CMBEC40.

Some rules:

  1. Number of followers will be checked once a day only.
  2. All followers will count towards the goal of 500, but only individual Twitter profiles are eligible to win the draw.