CMBEC Outstanding Research Competition Winners


2014 - 37th CMBEC, Vancouver, BC

Nick MacKinnon

"Multimode Imaging Applied Toward Diagnosis of Skin Cancer"


2013 - 36th CMBEC, Ottawa, ON

Derek H Rosenzweig, McGill University

"Generation of cartilage-like constructs using continuous expansion culture primary chondrocytes seeded in dense collagen gels"


2010 – 33rd CMBEC, Vancouver, BC

Sponsored by UBC Biomedical Engineering

Stephen Hunt, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Sean Romanuik, Simon Fraser University
Jing Xu, Simon Fraser University


2009 – 32nd CMBEC Calgary, AB

Aliasgar Morbi, Carleton University


2008 – 31st CMBEC Montreal, QC

Réjean Fontaine, Université de Sherbrooke