Keynote Speakers


Tim Sr. Pic
Tim Hague Sr.
Tim Hague Sr. overcame the odds when he went from a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease to winning season #1 of the Amazing Race Canada.  Now, as an international sought after speaker, he shares with his audiences the lessons learned from having run and won this amazing race with Parkinson's.
Tim was formally diagnosed with Parkinson's in February 2011. Two years later he and his son, Tim Jr., were selected from over ten thousand applicants to be one of nine teams to run the race. After coming in last twice and nearly being eliminated The Tim's not only survived but went on to produce an epic come from behind victory. Tim's keynote draws on this experience while weaving a tale of failure and sucess that moves his audience.
A masterful story teller Tim interlaces humour and wit with sadness and despair. He guides his listeners on a journey of discovery by unpacking what it means to Live Your Best. He explores the themes of;
Simplicity: the art of focusing your life in a chaotic world.
Contentment: that often illusive gift of peacefully accepting what your best produces. And,
Perseverance: the iron will to continue on even when there is no evidence that you will ever be sucessful.
Tim's message of Live Your Best empowers his listeners to meet Life's challenges and accomplish more than they ever thought they could.
Tim will be the conference's opening speaker on Wednesday May 24th, 2017.
Dr. Zahra Moussavi
Dr. Zahra Moussaviis a professor, a Canada Research Chair and also the founder and director of Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program at University of Manitoba. She is the recipient of many awards including the “Canada’s Most Powerful Women (Top 100) in 2014. With over 215 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious journals and conferences, her current research includes biological signal processing, diagnostic pattern recognition and medical devices instrumentation with applications on sleep apnea, and Alzheimer disease. She has given 78 invited talks/seminars including 2 Tedx Talks. Aside from academic work, she has also developed and offered memory fitness programs for aging population.  
Dr. Moussavi will give her keynote address to the conference on Wednesday May 24th, 2017.
Charles LaFleche
Charles "Chuck" LaFleche is the President and CEO of the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation and a leader in healthcare and health informatics innovation.  By founding Momentum Healthcare, Chuck endeavoured to realize the benefits of electronic clinical documentation to support both clinical and research efforts.  His leadership at the helm of the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation continues to support the daily activities of 4,000 clinical staff and 250 researchers.  As Diamond Jubilee medal recipient in 2012, Chuck was recognized for his significant achievements and contributions to the community and to the health system in Manitoba.  Chuck will be speaking about the important role that Foundations play in linking clinical care, academic and research initiatives and fostering a community of innovation and philanthropy. 
Chuck will give his keynote address to the conference on Thursday May 25th, 2017.