2016 CMBES Outstanding Canadian Biomedical Engineer

Sridhar (Sri) Krishnan

Sri Krishnan



Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

Ryerson University, Toronto, ON





B.E., (Electronics and Communication Engineering), College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai, India

M.Sc., (Electrical and Computer Engineering), University of Calgary, Calgary AB

Ph.D., (Electrical and Computer Engineering), University of Calgary, Calgary AB


Sri Krishnan completed his graduate studies in biomedical engineering at the University of Calgary, working with Dr. Raj Rangayyan. His Master's research involved implementing digital signal processing techniques for filtering and analyzing knee joint sounds. This work was done in collaboration with clinicians in the Department of Surgery and the Sport Medicine Centre and resulted in 2 peer-reviewed journal papers and 4 conference publications. Sri continued this work for his doctoral studies, and developed adaptive time-frequency distributions for representation of the non-stationary signals associated with knee joint sounds, and novel techniques for improved auditory display of these signals. His doctoral research was published in 4 peer-reviewed journal papers, and 10 conference papers, and represents definitive work on analysis and classification of knee joint vibration signals for non-invasive detection of articulate cartilage pathology.

After completing his Ph.D. in 1999, Sri joined the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ryerson University, where he is now a full Professor. He has served as Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and is currently the Associate Dean (Research and Development) of the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Signal Analysis, and is co-director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering Science and Technology. He is an active researcher, and mentor, having supervised a number of post-doctoral fellows and graduate students at all levels. In addition to the analysis of knee sounds, he has applied his advanced signal processing techniques to the study of cardiac fibrillation, gait rhythms, sleep patterns, and respiratory sounds. This work has been published in high quality journals and presented at numerous conferences. Sri has also been a leader in the development of biomedical engineering education programs, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has received multiple awards for his research and innovation, and his service to the profession.