Kyle Eckhardt

2015 CMBES Early Career Achievement AwardEckhardt Kyle


Kyle Eckhardt joined the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority as a Regional Clinical Engineer in 2010. Over the past five years, he has provided Clinical Engineering services and support for the Cardiac Sciences and Surgery Programs across seven hospital sites in the Winnipeg region. He has been able to "sucessfully reach out to clinicians in order to assess their needs and then bridge the technical challenges with vendors and with our information technology group." He also works closely with Clinical Engineering's surgical instrument repair program to develop improved surgical instrument management procedures, and expand knowledge and awareness of medical device reprocessing among clinical staff, in support of enhanced patient safety. He supports Manitoba eHealth, by providing expert input on issues including published standards, policies and processess, and their implementation. Kyle has established a string working relationship with stakeholders across the WRHA, includingtechnical staff, nursing staff, clinicians and managers. He is well liked and well respected for his abilities to develop short term, medium term and long term solutions to patient care issues. He has reached out to the University of Manitoba by sponsoring serveral clinical Engineering design projects for fourth year engineering students. He is currently serving as the very capable Treasurer of the CMBES. 


Regional Clinical Engineer - Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)

BSc (Mechanical Engineering), Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

MSc (Clinical Engineering), University of Britsh Columbia, Vancouver, BC