Dr. Kevin Englehart
2012 CMBES Outstanding Canadian Biomedical Engineer


KE-smallDr. Kevin Englehart has established himself as a valuable and notable figure in the field of Biomedical Engineering as a leader in prosthetic control systems and powered prostheses, bringing his work at the University of New Brunswick to an international level.  Kevin’s work has resulted in significant advances in the functionality and robustness of real-time multifunction prosthesis control.  It is of no surprise, therefore, that Dr. Englehart is this year’s recipient of the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society’s Outstanding Canadian Biomedical Engineer Award for 2012-13.

A native of New Brunswick, Dr. Englehart serves as Associate Director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick.   His research and leadership abilities are outstanding, and he has been well cited for his work. One nominator noted, “His scientific publications are widely cited in the literature, and his goal-oriented approach has led to national and international collaborative projects, both fundamental and clinical, with such institutions as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and the US Defense Advance Research Projects Agency.”

The significance of this work and Dr. Englehart’s transformation and advancement of a much needed technology is something the Society and the rest of the country values and recognizes; to remove the stigma while offering state of the art options to those with limb displacement takes Biomedical Engineering to a compassionate and humanitarian level.   Thank you, Dr. Englehart, for everything you do and congratulations on being named this year’s Outstanding Canadian Biomedical Engineer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome and join me in congratulating Dr. Kevin Englehart, the 2012 recipient of the CMBES Outstanding Canadian Biomedical Engineer Award.